Editor | Writer Consultant | Content Producer

Hi! I’m an editor, creative consultant, writer, illustrator and designer of both literary publications and animated presentations as well as music.

Why am I here for You?

You may not have good writing skills or time to acquire them but still need quality, skilled written work. As a service provider with over eight years of experience in the field as a writer and copy editor, I am here to efficiently cater to your needs, save you time, spare you unwanted stress and the misrepresentation that will come with sloppy work.

My Commitment

I am committed to being an accurate mind representing the voice of my client without compromise. I wish to form collaborative efforts rather than take over other people’s work. I believe in mutual investment with the premise that “unless we succeed, I’m yet to succeed.”





Quality work

Efficiency and promptness

What I Offer

Copy Edit



Concept Developing

Ghost Writing





Business Writing

Animated Presentations

Video Abstracts

Script Assessment & Feedback

Author Coaching

Post Editorial Support

Hire my Brain

You may hire my brain by the hour, by day or project fixed cost. Several authors, content creators, start-ups, entrepreneurs and organizations, have hired it as a secret representative brain behind their voices.

They hired my brain to help them: • Level up editorially •Take care of their side projects • Develop and implement monetization strategies • Social-media start-ups to start up and take off • A first-time author to develop their book, publish and realize a thriving career • Ghostwrite books, newsletters, white papers, articles and other content • Create relevant marketing pubs • Polish reports, profiles and promotional materials • Illustrate engaging work for children’s books, infographic materials, among other things.

Some of them are:




the NDA

Department of Education

South African National Library

Faith-Based Organisations



NGO organisations

Property Sector


Web Designer

Institution of Higher Learning

If you wish to also hire my brain to be your super secrete power, email your request to eservices@yahoo.com.

“Naphtali is a deer let loose; He uses beautiful words." ~ Genesis 49:21

See some work here

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